Опубліковано 18 January 2022, актуалізовано 21 January 2022

Welcome to Vinnytsia! A city that knows how to surprise and inspire new ideas!

Today Vinnytsia is a modern city located in the center of Ukraine on the banks of the Pivdennyi Buh River. Repeatedly recognized as the most comfortable city in Ukraine, Vinnytsia has a developed infrastructure and is very convenient for living.

However, it lives not only for comfort of its inhabitants. Vinnytsia is endowed with a special historical and artistic atmosphere. From the walls of the 16th century to modern hubs, coworking spaces and shopping malls. From street art to galleries and theaters. From bizarre and friendly bronze sculptures to large-scale cultural and artistic projects. As the capital of Podillia region, Vinnytsia preserves the cultural heritage of many generations, as a modern city it takes an active part in the artistic life of the country and Europe.

The cozy atmosphere of the City on the Buh inspires, helps to concentrate and creates space for ideas. Ideas for work, home, leisure and all walks of life. From small plans to large-scale startups - it's easy to create something new and get the most out of the process of developing an idea.

The city is a 3-hour drive from Kyiv. More than 30 bus and railway routes pass through Vinnytsia station to all corners of our country and abroad, in particular to Poland, Belarus and Moldova. The city also has an international airport with comfortable opportunities to travel the world.

Vinnytsia is a city that leaves tourists wanting to return here more than once to feel the friendliness, comfort and atmosphere of happiness again.

Useful facts about modern Vinnytsia:

  1. Seven times ranked first in the ranking of the most comfortable cities to live in Ukraine.

  2. Took the 1st place in the ranking of transparency of the investment sector in Ukraine from Transparency International Ukraine.

  3. The city has 3,640.8 hectares of green space, which is 32% of its total area.

  4. Became the first city in Ukraine and the post-Soviet space to receive the European Energy Award.

  5. Nine IT companies from the TOP-50 of Ukraine work in Vinnytsia.

Information on tourism development in Vinnytsia

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