Опубліковано 05 January 2021, актуалізовано 18 January 2022

Chose Vinnytsia for permanent residence?

What do you need to know to move to Vinnytsia?

Vinnytsia topped the ranking of the best Ukrainian cities for life! In 2013, Focus magazine published a ranking of the most comfortable cities to live in Ukraine, led by Vinnytsia. There is a fairly high level of business activity and, as a consequence, low unemployment. Also in the city the birth rate exceeds the death rate, which gives a significant increase in population. At the same time, more people come to Vinnytsia than leave it, and this provided the regional center with a good one.

Vinnytsia City Council offers a number of electronic services for citizens, including online registration for kindergarten, payment for utilities via the Internet, construction of a public transport route and receiving real-time online consultations on housing and communal services, health care facilities , emergency shutdowns, etc.

Vinnytsia is a leader among Ukrainian cities in the quality of public services and the work of the city council. According to a survey of Ukrainian cities commissioned by the International Republican Institute, Vinnytsia has confirmed its leadership in the effectiveness of city government. Among 22 regional centers, it received the highest rating for the quality of services to citizens and the availability of public goods; activities of the city council and the level of interaction with local authorities.

What documents need to be prepared?

Immigration to Ukraine is a responsible decision. Our country is glad to welcome everyone who has decided to become its citizen. If you are a foreigner or stateless person, for official immigration to Ukraine in accordance with the laws: Law of Ukraine "On Immigration", "On Citizenship of Ukraine", to obtain an immigration permit you must submit the relevant documents:

  • copy of the identity document
  • document indicated the actual address of residence
  • certificate of family composition, if available - a copy of the marriage certificate
  • if necessary - a receipt of payment of the consular fee or state duty, or a document confirming the benefits and exemptions from payments;
  • health certificate that you do not suffer from chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction, not sick with infectious diseases (the document is not needed if you have been married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years, is a child or parent of a citizen of Ukraine have the right to citizenship by territorial origin);
  • documents that can prove you belong to a certain category of quota, or can allow immigration outside the quota;

More detailed answers to questions related to immigration can be obtained on the official website of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, by phone +380442785030, by sending a letter to info@dmsu.gov.ua or by visiting the nearest State Migration Service branch.

Where to get services?

You can apply for Ukrainian citizenship in the territorial division of the State Migration Service in Vinnytsia region.

Address: 4, Pyrohova St., Vinnytsia

Hot line: +380432674306