​Conception of Development Strategy Vinnytsia-2020


The purpose of a long-term city development strategy is to balance two basic objectives: 

  • Vinnytsia’s development as a comfortable city – to determine and ensure  the standards of comfortable living for residents, a comfortable stay for guests, comfortable conditions for doing business, and realization of social and cultural efforts
  • Vinnytsia’s development as an innovative city – a city, which, though lacking the status of a capital city or a megapolis, is knowledgeable of the processes of modern development, is focused on growing and keeping pace with the times, is an actual leader among other cities in the regions, and is a hub city, not a provincial one, not only because of its location on the map of Ukraine and Europe, but also by its spirit and lifestyle.  

These two objectives have led us to designate ourselves as: “Vinnytsia – a modern, comfortable, European city”. When we refer to being a European city, we firstly imply a city focused on a high standard of living by providing services and developing city life support systems, i.e. the standards shared by the cities of modern European countries. Secondly, we mean the city is closely integrated in the economic, social and cultural life of Europe, the continent where it is located. 

In order to realize these objectives we have established the following ten priorities for city development. These priorities outline how we intend to effectively utilize our resources to achieve the objectives: 

  1. Vinnytsia as a Modern Regional Centre
  2. New Economic Basis for City Progress
  3. Advanced Governance System
  4. Comfortable and Interesting City
  5. Modern City Life Support Systems
  6. High-quality Public Services
  7. Child-friendly City (health, education, safety, social protection)
  8. Robust Community Caring for Everyone
  9. Adequate Health Care
  10. Bright and Diverse Cultural Life

We definitely do not regard the city development as being isolated from the life of the local communities, which surround it. We believe it is imperative to address the issue of integrated development of the city of Vinnytsia and the Vinnytsia region as two independent but vitally interrelated territorial entities. 

We see our planning horizon to be 10 years. This period is short enough to allow for forecasting based on real data, and long enough for the application of qualitative changes in every chosen strategic direction. 

The following document represents a vision of the key strategic development priorities and the basic steps necessary for realizing them. It is an open list, which will be specified and improved. The methodology of further work envisages serious analytical (collection and generalization of a large array of accurate statistical data having quantitative and qualitative characteristics), and creative planning work (with both external experts and a wide range of local community representatives engaged).  

The experience of working (with the assistance of USAID) on the Strategic Plan of Social and Economic Development of the City of Vinnytsia in 2006 will help us to model the work to be done today. The basic principles of that plan have been guidelines for us over the past four years. But today we see the necessity  of making  a new strategic plan, which will define a new, perhaps more ambitious and broader range of priorities encompassing  all major areas of city life, and a prospective action plan for which we have already done sufficient  groundwork. 

Work on the formation of this new city development strategy will continue during this year, and by autumn 2011 we will be able to adopt:  The Strategic Plan “Vinnytsia-2020” as a basic document to determine further social and economic development of the city and the community, and it will become a reference guide in specific management decisions to be made by the city authorities and all constituents on whom this development depends. 

Volodymyr Groysman, Mayor of Vinnytsia
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