Development Strategy Vinnytsia-2020


Strategy-2020.jpgNowadays, Vinnytsia is facing with the challenging future in the global process of social and economic changes, and toward establishment of more democratic society in Ukraine.

In this context, the most significant problem for Vinnytsia is determination of transition path from the post-Soviet city to the modern European city. This is the main reason of searching for a new strategic vision of the city development.

Vinnytsia 2020 Development Strategy represents new ambitious development goals which show a way for achievement of sustainable future for Vinnytsia as dynamic and creative city for working and living. The city development strategy has an intention to transform Vinnytsia into a modern European city which requires a fundamental change in approach to all areas of its life.

In the city development process, local governments play an important role. The strategy is the main guideline for city authorities for achievement of strategic objectives. Moreover, the involvement of wide range of stakeholders within their respective areas of responsibility shall be necessary. Stakeholder’s inclusion shall inspire and motivate local community actions and contribute to the fact that the Vinnytsia 2020 Development Strategy is ownership of all citizens.

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