Project Events: On October 22, 2016, the First Forum “Vinnytsia Integrated Development. Dialogue. Involving citizens” took place in Vinnytsia
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On October 22, 2016, the First Forum “Vinnytsia Integrated Development. Dialogue. Involving citizens” took place in Vinnytsia

The First Forum aims to attract active members of civil society in identifying the major problems on the road to sustainable development of cities and development projects aimed at overcoming them.

The Forum is one of the stages of work on the concept. This is the area where active citizens have the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas, and share their achievements in one of the eight working groups by themes: economy and labor market, mobility and transport, technical infrastructure, medicine and healthcare, culture, sports tourism, education and science, social policy and social inclusion, architecture and public space.

Participating in the forum were Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion, Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov, Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Valerii Korovii, Project Manager of "Integrated Urban Development" project Mathias Brandt, representatives of local authorities and NGOs.

The Director of the project "Integrated Urban Development" Mathias Brandt said: "We want the key reform in Ukraine – decentralization and local government support – to be successfully implemented, so we started this project. We want to convey to you our experience and knowledge. In the 19th century, Germany was destroyed after a period of wars. Actually, then there began the transfer of authority to local government and began the era of industrialization and economic development. Vinnytsia is actively developing in the issue of decentralization. A few weeks ago, another big project of international cooperation started here (U-Lead with Europe). Therefore we can say that Vinnytsia is the Ukrainian capital of decentralization."

The motto of the Forum is "We create our Vinnytsia". There were 8 topics for the city development, the participants have been working in the relevant working groups:

Working Group 1 – Creating prospects. The economy and the labor market

Working Group 2 – The man in the spotlight. Mobility and transport

Working Group 3 – Modernization in accordance with the requirements. Technical Infrastructure

Working Group 4 – Serving people. Medicine and Healthcare

Working Group 5 – Vinnytsia is the city where you want to live. Culture, sport, tourism

Working Group 6 – Knowledge is a power. Education and Science

Working Group 7 – The city for all. Social policy, social inclusion

Working Group 8 – City planning and cultural heritage. Architecture and public space

In addition, the results of the brainstorming of the working groups were presented in the final part of the conference.