News: A Delegation from Poland Came to Vinnytsia to Get to Know the Work of Institutions for Teenagers and Youth
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A Delegation from Poland Came to Vinnytsia to Get to Know the Work of Institutions for Teenagers and Youth

1.JPGA delegation from Poland is on a two-day visit to Vinnytsia. The guests came to the city to find out how the work with teenagers and youth is organized in Vinnytsia. They met with Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych. The plan was to visit the Teen Club Centers by place of residence and get acquainted with the city.

2.JPGDeputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych greeted guests from Poland in Vinnytsia. "I convey congratulations on behalf of the Mayor Serhii Morhunov and deputies. I know that this is your first visit to our city, although we have been cooperating with you for a long time. You have twice hosted Vinnytsia youth delegations, for which we are very grateful. Your experience is valuable and interesting for us. We also have something to show, something to share,” Halyna Yakubovych said.

3.JPGDmytro Myra, Director of the municipal institution “Teen Club Centers by the place of residence”, said that colleagues from Semakha network of Polish children's institutions had arrived in Vinnytsia. “This network has large premises in Poland, where children's leisure development centers operate. When we visited Poland, then we got acquainted with the work of these institutions. Each of our teachers took something new from this trip in terms of approaches to work, conducting interesting and creative activities,” Dmytro Myra said.

4.JPGIt is the first time in Vinnytsia for the delegation, which is interested in the life of the city, in particular, how well-organized work with teenagers and youth is. Halyna Yakubovych told the guests that one of the priorities of Vinnytsia 3.0 Strategy was the development of youth policy, creating opportunities for self-realization of the younger generation, conditions in which young people could participate in the city development.

5.JPGGuests from Poland visited Vinnytsia out-of-school institutions. “In the future, we’d like to expand the network of our Teen Club Centers in the city as well as in the joined territories. I think that our colleagues from Poland have something to learn from us. After all, everyone has own experience. The most important thing is that we should pay attention to the leisure of teenagers, children and young people, so that they always feel supported,” Dmytro Myra said.

The foreign delegation was interested in a group work of the Centers, how many children attend classes, and what activities are held for them. Mariusz Hornowski, a representative of Semakha society, said that more than a hundred Ukrainians visited their institution in Krakow. In comparison, seven years ago there were only 5-6 young people from Ukraine. “We put a lot of efforts to make them feel good, like in a big family. We have an idea to establish cooperation between Ukraine and Poland. We want to bring Polish youth to your city so that they can see how their peers live in Vinnytsia,” Mariusz Hornowski mentioned.

In addition to the Centers for Teen Clubs, the delegation will visit the National Pirogov’s Estate Museum and travel around the city by tourist bus.