News: French Partners Prepare Long-Term Projects after a Visit to Vinnytsia
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French Partners Prepare Long-Term Projects after a Visit to Vinnytsia

0.jpgOn June 9, a three-day visit of a delegation from France under the project of decentralized cooperation between Vinnytsia and Dijon ended. During this time, the guests managed to visit Hub “City of Contents”. The parties presented key areas of cooperation, met with leading agricultural enterprises of the city and region, talked with students and teachers of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, visited the Institute of Feed Research & Agriculture of Podillia NAAS, tasted Vinnytsia wine and enjoyed Dijon mustard of a local production.

During the final meeting, representatives of the local and regional authorities and guests from Dijon discussed the next visit of Vinnytsia delegation to France. It is scheduled for the next month. After all, foreign partners are interested in further development of relations with Vinnytsia.

Deputy Mayor Andrii Ocheretnyi reminded that 4 priority areas of cooperation have been identified. It is the creation of an agro-hub, improvement of drinking water supply and drainage system, the management of water resources used for agriculture, as well as the organization of an agricultural cluster with industrial companies and agricultural producers in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region together with “VITAGORA” company.

“We understand that the final goal of the agricultural cluster should create new jobs. It is also a benefit for agricultural products, so that farmers sell the berries they grow as well as process and sell the final product. We want to improve the environmental component in Vinnytsia and in the region. There should be irrigation of our lands but economical one. Water supply and drainage is a separate topic. We plan that a representative of Oblvodokanal will go to France to learn from the French on these issues. What was initiated by the mayor Serhii Morhunov in October 2019 has turned into a practical plan of cooperation,”Andrii Ocheretnyi said.

Pierre Guez, VITAGORA President, thanked Vinnytsia partners for the good reception: “I have been cooperating with Ukraine for 18 years. However, I do not have enough visits to Vinnytsia to fully understand the country. I'm happy that despite the pandemic, we were able to meet live.” Pierre Guez noted that thanks to this visit, it was possible to identify specific steps for the further cooperation. He added that Vinnytsia has a strong and friendly team of business, government and scientists, a pleasant and healthy atmosphere. He believes that all common ideas and projects will be implemented. Moreover, they are already actively preparing for the visit of Vinnytsia residents in Dijon. 

Jean Roche, President of BETEN INGENIERIE, said that the trip was also useful because the French side understood what Vinnytsia partners expected from them: “Based on the visit results, we will prepare a program for Vinnytsia residents to stay in France to meet all the expectations. After all, we want to create long-term and practical projects.”