News: French Delegation Have Visited Strawberry Farmlands and the Factory Agrana Fruit Ukraine
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French Delegation Have Visited Strawberry Farmlands and the Factory Agrana Fruit Ukraine

SV_06256.jpgJune 9, 2021, a delegation from France visited the fields of Agrana Fruit Luka LLC, where strawberries, cherries and other berries are grown. Foreign guests were impressed by the scale of the land. They also visited several shops directly at Agrana Fruit Ukraine plant, in particular for processing fresh fruit and making fillers from them.

Petro Myslyvyi, General Director of Agrana Fruit, told the guests that the company uses the latest technologies in its work, thanks to which the plant's products are in demand in many countries around the world. “We export our products to France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Israel, the US, Australia and Mexico,” Petro Myslyvyi says.

Representatives of Dijon delegation visited the fields where berries are grown, as well as the plant where they are processed. “What I saw on these lands today is impressive, and especially the huge areas for growing strawberries. I also liked the fact that interesting technologies are used. For example, hay is spread under strawberries, in such large areas it is very expedient. In general, I believe that the company uses various technologies for growing plants in its farm very rationally and optimally,” VITAGORA technical specialist Philippe Ospital told.

The French raised many questions about organic production and pest control. “Currently, there is a growing demand for organic production in France, especially in the last three years. This is due to the fact that both consumers and producers understand the importance of developing this area. When farmers move from traditional farming to more environmentally friendly, organic ways, they increase their profits by 20%. However, it requires high training in technology and appropriate education of agronomists,” Mr. Ospital says.

Deputy Mayor Andrii Ocheretnyi noted that work together with the French partners is underway on four priority areas of cooperation: the creation of an agricultural cluster, agro-hub, water supply and sewerage, and irrigation of agricultural land. "We will crystallize exactly those solutions that will be the most interesting for Vinnytsia business. Here it is very important to create new jobs, automate production, and maximize the involvement of the scientific community, so that products are in demand in domestic and foreign markets. We also want the driver of the agricultural cluster to be the business and its representatives to announce what areas they are interested in, etc.,” Andrii Ocheretnyi noted.