News: In Vinnytsia, Experts Generated Ideas That Will Promote the Development of a Green Economy in the City
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In Vinnytsia, Experts Generated Ideas That Will Promote the Development of a Green Economy in the City


On July 24, expert discussions took place within the framework of the development of the draft Strategy of Vinnytsia City Amalgamated Territorial Community until 2030. The topic of the meeting: "Transition to a green economy with the support of education and science". The event focused on water quality, household waste management, the transition of public transport running on gasoline and diesel to electric vehicles, and so on. In general, the implementation of this direction will allow the city to strengthen its economic position in the face of growing competition, and also to improve the well-being and comfort of living in Vinnytsia, to minimize risks to the environment.

Last week, a series of online meetings with specialists from various fields and active citizens on the development of the draft Strategy of Vinnytsia City Amalgamated Territorial Community until 2030 started. On July 17, the topic "Digital Transformation: Sustainable Community Development" was discussed. On July 24, we talked about the transition to a green economy. The meeting took place on the territory of the enterprise of the KNESS group of companies, which produces solar panels. KNESS is an example of implementing the ideas and principles of the green economy, which are already working in Vinnytsia.


Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov said that when the City Development Strategy until 2020 was developed in 2011, it was important to formulate at least a system of work with problematic issues related to all spheres of Vinnytsia life, without any emphasis, because then there were many challenges.

"The most important thing we understood then was that the strategy should be real, not just on paper, we should implement it and summarize it. And the result was not long in coming: for six years in a row Vinnytsia is recognized as the most comfortable city to live. I understand that we still have a lot to do, but we have something to be proud of. Also in 2011, we joined the European Energy Award initiative. To receive this award, we developed a set of measures related to energy saving, mobility, spatial development, CO2 emissions, we completely changed the approach to our planning of energy efficiency, and in April 2015 we successfully passed the audit and received the European Energy Award – the first not only in Ukraine, but also in the post-Soviet space," said the mayor.

The mayor also spoke about the tasks set by the local community. "The first is to improve the quality of drinking water. The second is high-quality use of the Southern Bug River, small rivers, city streams, and care for them. If today we correctly formulate this task for ourselves, then in 10 years we will be able to implement it according to all standards of European and world practice. It is also very important to put an end to the issue of household waste management, renovation of the existing landfill and bringing its condition to all European standards. Today we understand in which direction to move – the question of creation of the modern waste processing plant is important," the mayor said.

Business representatives and specialists in the field of green economy took part in the expert discussion and development of ideas in the framework of the development of the draft Development Strategy of Vinnytsia City Amalgamated Territorial Community.

KNESS Group CEO Serhii Shakalov shared his understanding of how the city's strategy for 10 years stimulates and inspires entrepreneurs to develop their business, which in turn accelerates the economic development of the community.

"The ambitious goals of the city, which can be written by 2030, would inspire us as a local business to achieve these goals together. Business is an accelerator of development because it is profit-oriented. And this is the payment of taxes, and jobs, and development. Therefore, today we are grateful that we are involved in generating goals and visions, what we see Vinnytsia in 10 years, what the infrastructure should be, whether it will be energy efficient enough to be able to provide itself, for example, with electricity. This is all possible, and such calls should only be formalized and recorded. Then the business understands: if they make an effort to achieve this goal, they will develop and see themselves for 10 years ahead, not six months or a year, they will believe in this goal, because they will have like-minded people – the inhabitants of this city. And then achieving such a goal will be much more realistic," Serhii Shakalov is convinced.

After the general session, the participants of the meeting worked in groups, where they discussed the necessary measures that will give impetus to the development of the green economy and the improvement of the environment in the promising Vinnytsia City Amalgamated Territorial Community.