News: Vinnytsia City Council Has Become the Most Transparent in Ukraine – Rating
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Vinnytsia City Council Has Become the Most Transparent in Ukraine – Rating


Top all-Ukrainian online media Obozrevatel has compiled and published an anti-corruption rating of mayors of several dozen major cities in the country. Local authorities (and above all the work of the mayors of regional centers) were evaluated according to dozens of criteria. According to its results, Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov received the highest marks.

In addition to the mayor of Vinnytsia, the top five also included the mayors of Ternopil (Serhii Nadal), Lviv (Andrii Sadovyi), Zhytomyr (Serhii Sukhomlyn) and Khmelnytskyi (Oleksandr Semchyshyn).

In compiling the rating, Obozrevatel took into account both the transparency of the budget allocation and subjective assessments (investigations against city officials in the media, complaints and assessments of citizens sent by readers to the publication, declared property and sound living standards, etc.).

Among the criteria for forming the rating were taken into account in particular:

- whether there are criminal proceedings against local officials;

- whether reports on budget execution and distribution of budget funds are published;

- how open tenders for official purchases are held (DOZORRO, etc.);

- whether the decision to hold pre-threshold bidding has been made;

- whether the budget regulations have been approved and according to which procedure the budget is approved;

- whether journalists and members of the public are admitted to the commissions on which financial decisions are made;

- whether the mayor published the declaration in the terms established by the law and to what extent his incomes correspond to a standard of living;

- how the work of mayors is assessed by independent anti-corruption organizations and the expert community.

In 2009, executive bodies of Vinnytsia city council for the first time passed audit according to the international system of the ISO quality standard that was confirmed by the corresponding certificate. Since then, twice a year, the municipality of Vinnytsia City Amalgamated Territorial Community has been conducting an internal audit and certification for compliance with the requirements of the ISO standards of the quality management system, anti-corruption threats and information security.

In 2019, based on the results of audits, the executive bodies of the city council once again confirmed the certificate of compliance of the powers of the local government with the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2008, which will be valid until July 29, 2022.

In 2018, according to the results of the national rating "Index of Transparency of Local Budgets", formed by the NGO Regional Analytical Center with the support of the International Foundation Vidrodzhennia, Vinnytsia entered the TOP-5 best cities in the country in terms of community budget transparency.

Also in 2018 and 2019, Vinnytsia took the first place in the Rating of transparency of the investment sector among the 100 largest cities of Ukraine from the Ukrainian representative office of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International.