News: Vinnytsia Already Has Its Own Approved Brand Book
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Vinnytsia Already Has Its Own Approved Brand Book


On June 26, deputies of the city council approved the brand book “Visualization of the Brand of the City of Vinnytsia” – a guide to the use of brand style, which deals with the use of visual style of Vinnytsia. The document describes the concept of Vinnytsia brand, the rules of use and placement of visual identification of our city. It's about the logo, fonts, colors, placement rules, and more. It contains examples of using the brand on brochures, books, letterheads, business cards, T-shirts, notebooks, travel signs, screens of electronic devices and more.

A little more than a year ago, on May 18, 2019, the concept of Vinnytsia brand, which reflects the modern face of the city, was presented to the public. Then the Mayor Serhii Morhunov and branding specialist Andrii Fedoriv presented to Vinnytsia residents and guests of the Europe Day a new identity of the city under the slogan “City of Ideas”. Since then, Vinnytsia entrepreneurs have already tried to work with Vinnytsia style, resulting in creative and original design options that stand out from other design solutions. This makes it possible to bring Vinnytsia product into a separate quality segment that is easy to identify in the foreign market, as evidenced by the positive feedback from across the country and abroad. At the same time, various options for branding souvenirs and promotional products were developed, which were presented to official delegations and participants of tourist and promotional events.

“The brand book ‘Visualization of the Brand of the City of Vinnytsia’ is a conceptual, holistic idea that serves as a basis for ‘communication’ of the city with the world. The key categories around which the brand is built are city images, identity and image. The concept of territorial branding is directly related to investment attractiveness, tourism development, urban planning, promotion and marketing,” says the director of the department of marketing of the city and tourism Oleksandr Wesselenyi. “The brand of the city of Vinnytsia was developed on the basis of the Marketing strategy, which was built after a survey of Vinnytsia residents: representatives of business, government, community, educators, artists and international professionals. The visual style is based on the logo, which is based on the emblem of Vinnytsia, the slogan ‘City of Ideas’ and unique fonts designed specifically for the city.”

The brand book “Visualization of the Brand of the City of Vinnytsia” was developed by Vinnytsia City Council based on a style guide developed by Fedoriv Agency with the support of the International Technical Assistance Partnership for Urban Development Project (PLEDDG Project) implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities under the auspices of the Government of Canada. The brand book emphasizes that Vinnytsia is a city of ideas, opportunities, comfort and travel. There is an explanation of how to work with all the elements of identity and not confuse them with the official symbols of the city. Examples of logo placement on images are given. One of the sections of the brand book describes fonts, of which four variants have been developed for Vinnytsia: three text ones and the decorative one. As for colors, the branded palette of Vinnytsia consists of nine colors, which are combined in a certain harmony. There are also auxiliary graphic elements (primitives) – special components of the style.

Oleksandr Wesselenyi adds that all the necessary elements and the brand book are available in the public domain by the link, so that Vinnytsia residents can use them freely in everyday life. For commercial purposes, the brand can be used only by those companies that operate within the legal field, are socially conscious and help to form a positive image of the city. 

“You can use a brand book, including in the formation of street signs for those who are engaged in business. In general, I think this is a good thing to promote our city from the perspective of ‘Vinnytsia – a city of ideas’,” says Mayor Serhii Morhunov.

In order to prevent errors when using the visual style of Vinnytsia, you can consult with experts from the Department of Marketing and Tourism of Vinnytsia City Council. Contacts of the department: (0432) 50-75-85, e-mail: