News: Switzerland Helps Vinnytsia Develop E-services
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Switzerland Helps Vinnytsia Develop E-services


On May 19, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Eastern Europe Foundation, Vinnytsia City Council and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The document was signed under the E-Governance for Accountability and Participation Program (EGAP). This event was held online. The document states that the EGAP Program will support Vinnytsia in the development of e-services and e-democracy. As a result, the automation of functions of Vinnytsia City Council will contribute to the improvement of information support and electronic interaction of the government with citizens and businesses, as well as the development of the city.

The Memorandum was signed as part of the implementation of Phase II of the E-Governance for Accountability and Participation Program (EGAP) with the participation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The cooperation envisages further support of Vinnytsia by the EGAP Program in the development of e-services and e-democracy. Updating a web portal of Vinnytsia City Council, the creation of a chatbot to get administrative services, carrying educational activities for local government officials, etc. are planned in the near future.

"Ukraine has been implementing a program aimed at introducing innovations in public administration of e-governance and e-democracy for the fifth year in a row. It is called EGAP and funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine. This program aims to help the Government of Ukraine, local authorities and NGOs in implementing innovations in the field of e-governance and e-democracy. After the implementation of the first phase of the project, the Swiss Government continues cooperation with Ukraine for next four years. In addition, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has been established in Ukraine. We have decided to renew the Memorandum of Cooperation between all organizations that will be involved in this project. Accordingly, we have decided to sign this document in a new way, namely through the platform "Action", Victor Liakh, President of the Eastern Europe Foundation, says.

"I am extremely pleased to take part in this event and effectively cooperate with Vinnytsia and Mayor Serhii Morhunov. It was from Vinnytsia that we started our Swiss-Ukrainian cooperation almost 20 years ago. It started with trams, which became the leverage of transformation. It is really an extremely meaningful cooperation. Currently, we are very happy to see how Vinnytsia has become a truly innovative modern technological city, which is a leader in Ukraine in the development of information technology, providing quality public services to its citizens," Director of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine Nicole Ruder says.

The document was signed for the first time with the help of the portal of public services "Action". The portal is the only point of access to all public services provided by the state to citizens and businesses, and is a part of the project "Action. Digital State", implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in conjunction with the EGAP Program.

"Indeed, Ukraine and Switzerland have a long history of cooperation on digital development at the central as well as at the regional and local levels. Today we have gathered to testify our next steps in cooperation, especially in the direction of digitalization of regions. It is also a very important and priority area for the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which we devote a lot of time to. This tripartite Memorandum envisages a number of initiatives that will be useful for local authorities as well as for Vinnytsia residents. We think that the citizens will appreciate efforts of city authorities and will receive the results of this cooperation very soon. I wish Vinnytsia to continue to be an ambassador for the introduction of new technologies," Dmytro Makovskyi, State Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, said.

"It's nice to hear good words, but it's nicer that we will continue the program we started together in 2015. First, I would like to express my gratitude to the Swiss Cooperation Office for its systematic work in various areas of local government and infrastructure development in Vinnytsia. To date, it is our most reliable partner, with whom we have been cooperating quite effectively for about 20 years. If we talk about the system of providing administrative services, it is one of the main ideological lines of Vinnytsia City Council. It is important that we realize in a pandemic that e-services are becoming even more relevant.  We have felt it for last two months. The signing of this Memorandum initially gives us optimism. W hope for further cooperation and introduction of new interesting practices," the mayor Serhii Morhunov said.

The Memorandum has been signed for four years. The parties agreed on the development and implementation of e-services and tools of e-democracy, training of employees of Vinnytsia City Council and municipal enterprises, e-governance institutions as well as representatives of NGOs, business and media on e-democracy issues.