News: Vinnytsia Has Been Recognized the Most Comfortable City in Ukraine for the Sixth Year Running
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Vinnytsia Has Been Recognized the Most Comfortable City in Ukraine for the Sixth Year Running

The social group “Rating” has conducted the next All-Ukrainian municipal survey commissioned by the International Republican Institute (IRI) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). For the sixth year running, Vinnytsia remains the leader among the regional centers in terms of satisfaction with residents of the quality of 22 spheres and services. According to the poll, the city has gotten an index of 3.5 points. Moreover, the result has improved as compared to the previous study. 


The results of the VI All-Ukrainian municipal poll were promulgated on April 15, 2020. Vinnytsia has led the overall rating of the most comfortable cities in Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernihiv and Khmelnitsky have taken the following positions


Vinnytsia has the highest scores among the cities studied in the humanities, municipal areas - with a total index of 3.7 points, as well as in infrastructure and medicine.


Vinnytsia is also the leader in the Satisfaction Index of city possibilities, which is estimated to be 3.7 points. The indicator has 9 components, in particular: the ability to move free in all city parts and districts, to spend leisure time, satisfy spiritual needs, get quality education, find self-fulfillment, engage in entrepreneurship, receive sufficient income, and be involved in the decision-making process in the city.  


Vinnytsia citizens are also most satisfied with cooperation with local authorities, as compared to residents of other cities. In particular, the respondents specified the simplicity and clarity of the decisions and advice given by employees, the quality of services, and the competence of the local authorities. In Vinnytsia, there are one of the highest indicators of approval of the mayor and City Council activities - 70% and 68%. Moreover, 71% of Vinnytsia citizens think that everything is going in the right direction in the city.


Sociologists have expanded the traditional questionnaire with a new section – “identity”, which allows you to see how the locals posture themselves. It is a new issue for us. There is a request on it. In addition to some city achievements or infrastructure projects, city mayors who understand how to plan the future correctly have an inquiry to shape the city identity and make sense of it. In some way, it affects the overall mood of the city population. It could have a positive influence if people love their city, understand why they have to live and stay here. Obviously, the result and effectiveness of this city will be higher,” Liubomyr Mysiv, Deputy Director of the social group “Rating” said.


According to the research, Vinnytsia citizens mainly promote their city as a transport, cultural, tourist and agricultural center of the country. This opinion was expressed by more than two thirds of the respondents. Over 90% of the respondents are proud of being residents of Vinnytsia.


“I think it is a unique study. Decentralization, which we talked about, has started to come to its implementation. It means that people begin to look at a set of factors at the local level that are important. Practically, every city has its own set of meaning and a unique understanding of its urban culture, Yevhenii Hlibovytsky, a founder of pro.mova expert company, says. It is a very interesting situation with a very high level of social optimism in Vinnytsia.”

Commenting on the poll results, Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov thanked Vinnytsia citizens: “It is an overall result of all Vinnytsia residents. Once again, we are convinced that we have a strong territorial community that cares about the success and city development. We should work further. To date, it is not time to relax. We will make the city even more modern and comfortable for residents and city visitors with your persistence and support.”


This year's municipal poll was conducted from January 25 to February 17 in 24 cities of Ukraine (Kyiv and all regional centers, in Donetsk region - Mariupol, in Luhansk – Severodonetsk. It was no poll in the Crimea). The total number of interviews conducted is 19,200 (800 in each city). The sample is representative for the population of cities by age and gender. The statistical error for each city does not exceed ± 3.5%. The poll purpose is to investigate citizens mood regarding the quality of services; the level of opportunities in the city; interaction with local self-government institutions; activities of state and non-state institutions; spheres of municipal development; city ​​identities, etc.