News: Final Meeting of Working Group on Tourism Strategy Development in Vinnytsia
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Final Meeting of Working Group on Tourism Strategy Development in Vinnytsia

1.JPGThe final meeting of the working group on the development of Vinnytsia Tourism Development Strategy, which Vinnytsia City Council is working out with the support of PLEDGE project, took place on March 6, 2020 at the Hub “Misto Zmistiv” (“City of Contents”). The draft strategic document has been prepared and will be presented to the public for further consideration after a follow-up revision.

The Strategy aims to consolidate the status of Podilskyi Tourist Center in Vinnytsia and ensure its inclusion in the national tourist product. PLEDGE experts, the City Marketing and Tourism Department of Vinnytsia City Council, other departments, representatives of the public, tourism, hospitality industry and education carried out the document development during six months that will determine the vector of tourism development for the next 10 years. Andrii Ocheretnyi, Head of the working group and Deputy Mayor, opened the final meeting.

“Thanks to our effective cooperation with PLEDGE, we have a Marketing Strategy, a Program on strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses and a number of other successful projects. We tried to gather as many as possible those who work in the tourism industry while working on the city first sectoral strategy for tourism development. We are very grateful that you are so pleased to respond.

Since mid-July 2019, about 60 tourism representatives have been involved in all stages of strategy development, working hard and cohesively on strategic goals, new creative products and incredibly exciting projects that will attract more and more guests to our city. I hope that the Tourism Development Strategy will continue to consolidate our efforts, the efforts of those who stand behind the many impressions of what has been seen, heard and tasted in our city. These are thousands of people who create hospitable Vinnytsia,  including hoteliers, restaurateurs, museum workers, tour guides, event organizers and other ambassadors of our city,” Head of the working group Andrii Ocheretnyi said.

During the meeting, PLEDGE consultant Oleksandr Voloshynskyi and Director of the City Marketing and Tourism Department Oleksandr Wesselényi presented the draft of Vinnytsia Tourism Development Strategy to the working group. Among the following strategic goals are the following ones: formation and promotion of tourism products; development of infrastructure for tourism; improving the quality of services, staffing and communications in tourism.

«The vision of touristic Vinnytsia in 2030 is as follows: a center of leisure and business tourism on the banks of the Southern Buh with preserved historical authenticity, developed network of land and air communication, convenient tourist infrastructure; a year-round and diverse stay program that combines modernity with intercultural past and allows visitors with various financial opportunities to enjoy the city and its surroundings,” Alexander Wesselényi said.

The working group also discussed project ideas for the Strategy implementation plan and elaborated criteria for their selection.

“The next step should be a plan for implementing a strategy that should calculate the resources available to the community and clear timetables: where, what, and at what stage. There will be no effective strategy without a quality implementation plan. In turn, the implementation plan should influence the formation of annual budgets," PLEDGE consultant Olexandr Voloshynskyi admitted.

The Strategy text will be presented to the public after its finalization.