News: Results of Cooperation in the Framework of the PLEDDG Project are Discussed in Vinnytsia
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Results of Cooperation in the Framework of the PLEDDG Project are Discussed in Vinnytsia

On December 17, the PLEDDG Project Steering Committee met. Participants discussed joint projects that have been implemented since the beginning of the cooperation and key achievements.


The Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Its main tasks are to support decentralization, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, and to ensure transparency in local government decision-making.

During the period of work with the PLEDDG Project, experts, consultants, specialists of Vinnytsia City Council and the public have developed a number of strategic program documents, the implementation of which creates qualitatively new opportunities for development in these areas.


Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov said that PLEDDG is one of the few international projects that gives concrete results for local self-government.

“Those programs developed with the support of PLEDDG made it possible to attract investors who built and opened three new plants over the last three years. By and large, we have been given the opportunity to learn from Canadian experts their experience and best practices. Mechanisms of working with potential investors have been worked out, as they need to be accompanied, and which conditions, within our powers, we can create for attracting investors,” said Serhii Morhunov.


The Mayor noted that among the joint projects is the Program for Strengthening the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Businesses for 2017-2020; The Investment Promotion Facility Program for 2018-2020; Vinnytsia Marketing Strategy; Strategy of Space for Communication and Participation ‘City of Contents’; support for inclusive entrepreneurship; evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of Strategy-2020.

Under development is The Social Entrepreneurship Support Program and the City Tourism Strategy to help meet the challenges the city has.


Canada's Ambassador to Ukraine Larisa Galadza said it was important to consolidate the results achieved with Canada's assistance and to ensure that the tools and processes presented by the project remained practical and become part of the core processes.

“This project brings the best of experience across Canada, offering effective tools for strategic planning, resource allocation and citizen engagement. We are in the final stages of the project. If these tools are embedded in your decision-making processes, it will speak to the success of this project. Collaboration between Canada and Ukraine experts will help ensure that these instruments are relevant to your needs and sensitive to the interests and needs of your citizens,” said Larisa Galadza.