News: Delegation of the UNICEF Office in Ukraine Has Brought the Award to Vinnytsia for Winning in an International Competition
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Delegation of the UNICEF Office in Ukraine Has Brought the Award to Vinnytsia for Winning in an International Competition

On November 21, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Lotta Sylvander handed out the award to Mayor Serhii Morhunov and school leaders, which Vinnytsia had won at the International Competition for the Best Practices for Children Friendly Communities. The project “Budget of School Projects” has given Vinnytsia a victory, which became the best example in the world of involving children in a city government.


UNICEF launched the International Award in 2019 under the World Initiative “A Children and Youth Friendly Community”. UNICEF recognizes the most creative, innovative and inspiring urban solutions with this award to improve the lives of children and youth.


“Vinnytsia is a city where there is an example of involving children in decision-making process that we use to present how our perception could change about children and what they can do. Vinnytsia has shown how it is possible to involve children in local government, demonstrated a very strong example of how it could be done, and inspired other cities. The city shows that children are not just some little human beings who do not understand anything. However, they are a part of a community, they have their needs, know what they want and how to achieve it. Our role as adults who are decision-makers is to hear them and implement that decision,Lotta Sylvander, Head of the UNICEF Office in Ukraine, said.


Vinnytsia has won the prestigious International Child Friendly Cities Inspire Awards among the most child friendly cities in the world this fall. When the winners were announced in Cologne, the award was accepted by Lotta Sylwander. She brought it to Vinnytsia to hand over to Mayor Serhii Morhunov. The award was got also by students of the School 22 Illia Chaikovskyi, who together with other school leaders tried themselves as the leader of local authorities on the Day of Youth Local Self-Government. 


“The occasion for this meeting is that Vinnytsia school students have taken an active part in the international competition for best practices of child-friendly communities. The project “Budget of School Projects” and their initiative made it possible to win. It is important for us that young people, living and studying in Vinnytsia, continue to stay and work in our city. We sincerely want Vinnytsia citizens to be patriots of their city, regardless of their age - from small to large one. It is the task of local authorities to create the conditions for all initiatives of young people to be implemented and they could find a worthy place in their home city. The victory in the international competition Vinnytsia has won only due to the activity of school leaders.”


The competition for children’s change initiatives was held in the city under the project “Budget of School Projects”. As a result, 11 most interesting ideas have been selected and financed from the city budget for a total amount of 1 million UAH.


Schools are currently working on the implementation of student ideas that have won the competition. Hence, 5 creative youth spaces will be created and equipped in schools. 2 spaces on school grounds and a school bicycle parking lot will be equipped with the necessary amenities. 3 information projects on the emergency medical services, counteraction to bullying and the development of public speaking abilities will be implemented.


Vinnytsia project “Budget of School Projects” was nominated by UNICEF in the first category “Participation of Children and Youth in the City Life”. Representatives of 36 countries, who have submitted 226 applications, participated in the first stage of the competition. Vinnytsia competed with rival cities from Vietnam, Germany, Croatia and Hungary in the competition finals. Vinnytsia shared the win in the nomination with Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).


The award was presented to the Ukrainian Office of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on 17 October 2019 at the World Summit for Children-Friendly Communities in Cologne (Germany).