News: Possibilities of Cooperation with Italian Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Companies Were Discussed In Vinnytsia
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Possibilities of Cooperation with Italian Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Companies Were Discussed In Vinnytsia


On October 16, a meeting with representatives of the Italian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held in Vinnytsia City Council. It was about the possibility of cooperation with Italian companies, potential ways of developing cooperation in the field of energy efficiency.

On May 22, 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between Vinnytsia City Council and the Italian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Chamber of Commerce provides guarantees for relations between Ukrainian and Italian enterprises, which raise flags for the development of reciprocal business.


In September 2019, a representative of the Department of Economics and Investments attended a state workshop and an international exhibition “Where Ideas Pulsate” held in the Italian cities of Bari and Taranto. Meetings with representatives of Italian enterprises and governmental structures were organized during the visit, where the Italian side was offered to cooperate with Vinnytsia getting promotion materials about the city, industrial parks and the Innovation and Technology Park “Crystal”.

A meeting with representatives of the Italian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place on October 16. Italian entrepreneurs were interested in the possibility of cooperation in the implementation of projects in specific areas of activity of their companies. One of the goals of the Italian delegation is the desire to thoroughly explore the cooperation options and technical details.


The Head of the Regional State Administration Vladyslav Skalskyi and the Director of the Department of Economy and Investments of Vinnytsia City Council Vitalii Pogosian greeted the delegation. “In May, we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. We expect that after your visit there will be many possible options for cooperation,” Vladyslav Skalskyi said. Since 2006, Vinnytsia started its development as a European Ukrainian city. The Integrated Urban Development Strategy was developed, which became the basis for identifying further urban development programs. These efforts have been noticed by the European Union and Vinnytsia has become a very popular city for cooperation with countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and China. You can see what has been done within the framework of our international cooperation projects for hours. However, we try to keep your eye on the big picture. Speaking of particular industries that are of interest to those companies whose representatives are here today, it should be noted that Vinnytsia was the first post-Soviet city in 2015 to get the European Energy Award.

This year, we have confirmed our status by significantly improving the audit result. Therefore, of course, the main competence is energy efficiency and energy conservation. Even though, much has been done, we still have a great deal of work to do. Currently, climate change is a challenge for all of us. We start to think about creating a Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The planet has already changed and we have to work in order to be ready for further changes. It is a question of improving the our population safety, ensuring the energy independence of our country, and an issue of future generations. Consequently, we have many common interests. We are ready to learn and cooperate. ”


President of the Italian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Riccardo Ferretti thanked for the opportunity to meet in Vinnytsia. “We will be able to continue to move forward and develop the Memorandum we have already signed thanks to such a meeting. I would like to point out that we have taken the issue of what kind of companies to present in your municipality today very seriously, because the factor of energy conservation and sustainable energy development is currently very important for everyone. That is a reason why nowadays the business world has to follow these directions. To sum it up, today we represent businesses focused on energy efficiency and energy conservation. We have representatives of firms involved in building innovation, too,” Riccardo Ferretti admitted.


Representatives of such companies as Anastasi Consulting, ECOSAN Italia, Epicasrl were at the meeting. ECOSAN Italia S.R.L provides pollution control, water treatment, emergency detection and rapid repairs, monitoring of water and sewer pipes for industrial, public and private customers. The company uses the latest technologies. Their services are certified according to international standards. Anastasi Consulting S.R.L company profile is consulting services on energy efficiency and energy conservation. Epica S.R.L (Cambielli Edilfriuli) is the largest national group in the field of plumbing and heating products.