News: The World’s Largest Plant of Austria Company HEAD Will Be Constructed in Vinnytsia
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The World’s Largest Plant of Austria Company HEAD Will Be Constructed in Vinnytsia

On September 13, 2019, the ceremonial groundbreaking of a symbolic capsule took place because of the commencement of a construction project on a new HEAD plant in Vinnytsia. Winter sports equipment will be manufactured at this enterprise. The construction and commissioning of production facilities will take several stages. According to preliminary plans, the first stage of a plant should start its operating in 2021. After commissioning of all production stages, an enterprise will provide jobs to about 1.000 Vinnitsa citizens.


Currently, HEAD is one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the skiing world. World leading athletes use their skis during competitions. Company managers made their decision to build their new plant in Vinnytsia in 2018. “In Vinnytsia we were provided with the most professional support. Moreover, there is a nice location here and no labor shortage. We evaluated six cities, and Vinnytsia turned to be the best one”, Gerald Skrobanek, Executive Vice President and Head of Production for HEAD said.IMG_5721.JPG

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Vinnytsia City Council and ME “Vinnytsia Municipal Center of Innovations” (VICI) with the participation of Daniel Bilak, Director of UkraineInvest - Ukraine Investment Promotion Office. Today's event is the start of the plant construction. It will produce skis, ski boots and ski bindings.


“In Vinnytsia, we are building a plant that will be the largest winter sports equipment manufacturer in the world. The construction work itself will start the next spring. As soon as some design work is done, we will be able to start earth-moving work, fencing and construction of temporary roads,” Gerald Skrobanek shared with his plans. “According to our Memorandum, signed with the local authorities, we have already opened IT office with 160 m2 in Vinnytsia. Currently, only a few people are employed there, but we will recruit staff."


Head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Valerii Korovii noted that the start of the new enterprise construction became a peculiar kind of a gift to all Vinnytsia citizens for City Day. 


“Vinnytsia is a city that is actively developing. Today at the Investment Forum, we’ve talked about a number of challenges that bring new opportunities to date. When we talk about companies like HEAD, it is a unique unity of the industry, IT industry, which foremost will give the opportunity to form a new elite of managers concern themselves with business. When Barlinek Company was built 10 years ago, there was nothing at all. We see a new UBC Group plant here.  It is interesting that resolving common issues, UBC Group and HEAD have already provided a coordination system and the entire project team that worked in the neighboring company is working here now,” Valerii Korovii said.


“I want to thank HEAD for choosing Vinnytsia for the plant construction. Such a large enterprise with a serious image in the world makes our city even more attractive for the next potential investor. The presence of such companies will allow further development of Vinnytsia Industrial Park and the economy of the city as a whole. That is why we are developing the infrastructure of this territory. To date, we have already provided water supply and sewerage. We are designing facilities for electricity and gas supply and have started construction of roads,” Mayor of Vinnytsia Serhii Morhunov admitted.


HEAD intends to employ about 1.000 people at a new plant, built in the eastern part of the city along Nemyrivske Shose. These are employees of both simple professions (mechanical works, logistics), as well as specialists in technical areas, capable of setting up and maintaining mechanisms and robots, as well as management and administrative staff. Initially, 200-300 people can get a job here.

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