News: Vinnytsia City Council Starts Cooperation with Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Italy and Israel
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Vinnytsia City Council Starts Cooperation with Chambers of  Commerce and Industry of Italy and Israel

1.JPGOn May 22, Serhii Morhunov, a Mayor of Vinnytsia, signed the Memorandums of Understanding and Cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine and the Chamber of Industry and Innovations Israel-Ukraine.

During the memorandum signing, Mayor Serhii Morhunov noted that the development of the industry of small and medium business over the past four years has shown a dynamism by the side of the previous years. The consolidated work of the Parliament and the government on business support has given a boost to it.

The city economy is developing. It is clear that I would like this to happen with giant steps. Speaking about Vinnytsia, over the past two years, we have opened three new plants: a state enterprise Electric Systems, Green Cool and KNESS. It provides employment creation and city budget revenues. In 2018, the city of Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region in general gained the lead in doing business in Ukraine easily according to the rating «Regional Doing Business». Currently, there is a dialogue between local authorities and business in Vinnytsia. Signing of memorandums offers new opportunities for Vinnytsia business to cooperate and enter the markets of Italy and Israel. In response, we will support such initiatives, the Mayor Serhii Morhunov said.


Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Chamber of Industry and Innovations Israel-Ukraine Yevhenii Shulhin noted that the economic world is changing very quickly. Currently, the focus is on partnership between cities. He also mentioned that a very successful decentralization reform was carried out in Ukraine and it was known by cities development.

“Our cities are greatly intertwined, and it is a great advantage. We want to use these connections in order to develop economic relations. Our states have signed an important document on the free-trade zone. It needs to be ratified, and we have worked for 25 years to get it. We have great prospects and should create qualitative relations. We are interested in actual actions that we are ready to support. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge”, Yevhenii Shulhin pointed out.


President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine, Riccardo Ferretti, admitted that they were ready to share their experience and support projects of Vinnytsia business financially.

The Chamber of Commerce guarantees relations between Ukrainian and Italian enterprises. Our people are very similar, many Ukrainians live and work in Italy, and the Italians work and live in Ukraine. The Chamber can  advice how to organize your business. It is my first time in Vinnytsia and I want to thank the local authorities. Everything has been organized for people at the highest level here. It is a signal for the development of joint business. We want to hear from business representatives how the Chamber of Commerce can be useful for Vinnytsia. We have a lot of resources to be helpful, including financial ones,Riccardo Ferretti added.