News: Vinnytsia Has Adopted the Concept of E-Participation
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Vinnytsia Has Adopted the Concept of E-Participation

student-849825_960_720.jpgVinnytsia local authorities intend to deepen the use of information technologies in order to create more opportunities for the participation of its citizens in the city development. The Concept of Digital Participation of Vinnytsia Amalgamated Territorial Community for 2019-2025 has been worked out for the development of e-democracy. This document has been approved by deputies of the City Council at the regular session. Among other tasks, it deals with the creation of favorable conditions, stimulation and raising the competences of e-participation of citizens in the processes of adoption and implementation of important decisions, the creation of useful digital resources and opportunities, the use of advanced services for interaction with citizens, taking into account the principles of inclusiveness, the application of elements of artificial intelligence and open data in e-participation tools.

The Concept of Digital Participation of Vinnytsia Amalgamated Territorial Community is a document that aims to form the vision of e-democracy development at the local level. Moreover, it foresees the creation of a model for attracting citizens to decision-making processes with the help of digital opportunities through a common problem search, informing, identifying solutions and their further implementation. The Concept of Digital Participation has been developed in cooperation between Vinnytsia City Council, NGO “Podillia Regional Development Agency” and community members.

The Concept of Digital Participation is based on 7 principles of good counseling developed within the framework of the Freedom Congress on the Internet: trust, universal access, transparency, responsiveness, process coordination, predictability, and respect for general interest. The document is aimed at realizing the needs of citizens of Vinnytsia City Community and its guests, including children, young people, senior citizens, tourists, business representatives and IT specialists.

The objective of the Concept is to create a system where the agenda is formed by citizens themselves with the help of digital participative tools. The main idea of the Concept of Digital Participation: “a smart city with smart citizens”, where residents form a vision of their city future through e-tools.

It should inspire of citizens for the participation in the processes of development and implementation of decisions. For this purpose, it is planned to popularize the tools of e-democracy, establish favorable conditions for the cooperation in the format “community - power - business – media” on the development of e-democracy tools.

It also foresees the introduction of the experience of the best national and foreign practices in order to increase the level of a conscious and responsible participation of citizens in the digital ecosystem of the community. Moreover, it is planned to initiate the participation in thematic international and national grant programs and competitions in cooperation with civil society institutes (CSOs) in order to develop and introduce innovative digital participatory technologies for Vinnytsia ATC.

The document is also about formation of skills of digital participation, including children. It is planned to conduct hackathons, days of technologies, research of actual tendencies and a request generation for products and services of digital participation.

The Concept envisages work on improving the local legal framework of eParticipation tools in accordance with best practices and state standards. An integrated e-democracy platform, an electronic consultation tool, and a “Budget of School Projects” with the use of online voting will be implemented.

The plans include the introduction of e-services for interaction with various stakeholders (creation of new useful resources, tools and capabilities, up-to-date services and programs to meet needs and interact with citizens, taking into account the principles of inclusiveness). It is also about the use of elements of artificial intelligence and open data in e-participation, modernization and development of existing e-participation tools, the implementation of the principles of inclusiveness, and the dissemination of the “Informer for Citizens” service.

New tools will complete those ones that are currently working in Vinnytsia. To date, Vinnytsia citizens actively use the tools of e-democracy, introduced for them. Among them – e-petitions, Budget for Public Initiatives, e-appeals, Citizens’ Appeal Map, Citizen Informer Service, Open Data, etc.

Furthermore, Vinnytsia City Council is a participant of the Swiss-Ukrainian project “E-Governance for Accountability and Participation in Ukraine” (EGAP). Among the objectives of this project is to improve the interaction between government and citizens through the implementation of e-government and e-democracy tools. The city also implements other projects of international technical assistance in this area.

Background information:

Digital Participation is the participation of citizens upon their initiative in the formation and implementation of a state policy, development of public administration and local self-government, which involves two-way e-interaction of decision-makers with the use of appropriate digital technologies and cyberspace for transparent procedures.