Mayor's greeting


MG1.jpgWhen trying to express the spirit of Vinnytsia briefly, one may say with confidence – it is a harmonious city. It seems that it has sprung up in the very centre of Ukraine on the banks of the river Southern Bug as naturally as its orchards, gardens and parks have grown. It has been living and developing for seven centuries, acquiring more and more inner force and staying at the same time a comfortable city for living.

Today's strategic priority is building Vinnytsia into a modern city, directed toward European standards of living and innovative development. During the last few years all spheres of city life have been renewed – infrastructure, social life, economic development, and the system of administration. In each of these areas, new technologies and unique decisions have been introduced. However, the focus of our efforts remains human dimension.

We hope that you will experience Vinnytsia for yourself, feel its spirit. I am convinced that Vinnytsia will fascinate you by its benevolence, tolerance and comfort for sojourn. It will arouse interest because of its opportunities to realize life's bold plans and prospects.


Mayor Volodymyr Groysman
tel. +38 (0432) 595000
fax +38 (0432) 595130