International projects: UNDP/EU Project “Community Based Approach to Local Development”
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UNDP/EU Project “Community Based Approach to Local Development”



The Joint UNDP/EU Project “Community Based Approach to Local Development” (CBA) is a long-term and comprehensive capacity building initiative to promote sustainable local development in Ukraine. The Project supports participatory governance and community-led initiatives to improve living conditions of people in rural and urban areas throughout the country. The CBA has a specific focus on rehabilitation of social and communal infrastructure in the priority areas of health, environment, water management, improved management of housing sector, energy efficiency and local economic development.


Phase I of the CBA Project commenced in 2008 and was succeeded by a second phase in June 2011. During these two phases, improved health services, access to clean water and waste management, learning environment and public safety were achieved through the participatory implementation of community projects - renovation of 1323 schools/ kindergartens, 599 health posts, 110 water supply, 17 environment, 556 energy-saving street illumination and 27 others.

Phase III of the project continues to support traditional areas such as energy efficiency, health, environment and water management in rural areas, as well as to launch a new urban development component. The CBA will further promote small farm and non-farm businesses in rural areas. It will support the Ukrainian Government in developing policies in the area of decentralization and share innovative approaches and good practices on participatory governance and community-led local sustainable development through knowledge management hub and the curriculum of thirty three regional universities.

Specific objectives

  1. Promote community-based approach to local governance and sustainable development.
  2. Enhance energy efficiency at local level.
  3. Support the creation of the locally owned and managed repository and network of good practices and knowledge on community mobilization and participatory