Apparatus of the City Council and its Executive Committee
Apparatus of the City Council and its Executive Committee established by the City Council to provide necessary conditions for quality work of the Mayor, the City Council and its Executive Committee, the City Council standing committees, as a part of the establishment and operation of an effective system of the city administration system.
Tel.: 59-50-80, 59-51-86, 59-51-61
Archives Division
Main areas of activity: providing of accounting, storage and protection of documents of the National Archival Fund of local authorities, municipal enterprises, city institutions and organizations, as well as archival documents of citizens and their associations, archival records of personnel which storage period is not over, local authorities, municipal enterprises, city institutions and organizations that are being liquidated without defining successors; issuing archival certificates to enterprises, institutions and organizations, and citizens.
Tel.: 61-68-56, 61-73-01
Division of the State Register of Voters in Vinnytsia
Main areas of activity: personalized record-keeping of voters; compilation of voter lists for the election of the President of Ukraine, people’s deputies of Ukraine, deputies of the city council, mayor, national and local referendums.
Tel.:59-53-27,  59-53-29, 59-53-25
Division of Emergency, Mobilization and Defense Work and Secrecy
The purpose of the division is to ensure implementation of the state policy and provision within the limits defined by law the rights of territorial communities in the field of civil protection by organizing measures to prevent, eliminate and minimize the effects of emergencies; to provide planning, organization and provision of defense work, mobilization preparation and mobilization in the city; and to ensure secrecy in the city council.
Tel.: 59-50-77
Division of Dynamic Response “24-hours Watch”
The main task of the division is gathering and support of efficient and appropriate action on appeals, information for the administration of Vinnytsia City Council on emergencies in the city and on the progress of their removal, involving of enterprises, institutions and organizations to these activities.
Tel.: 15-60, 59-50-39
Division of Youth Policy
Division organizes and conducts cultural and educational activities among youth, involves them to exercising, ensures promotion of healthy lifestyles; organizes and takes part in competitions, sports days, tournaments, fairs, art festivals, conferences, forums, and other activities aimed at improving the cultural and educational level of children and young people.
Tel.: 59-52-82

Division for the Development of Associations of Co-owners of Multi-apartment Buildings

The purpose of the Division is to ensure the state policy on the implementation and complex development of this form of self-organization of citizens, as an association of co-owners of a multi-apartment building, and promoting the creation of such associations in Vinnytsia.
Tel.: 59-51-81.
Department of Administrative Services
The aim of the Department is to implement the powers in the field of registration of business entities, organize issuing of permit documents to business entities, and ensure cooperation and interaction of local permitting authorities, executive authorities of Vinnytsia City Council, local state executive authorities, public and state-owned enterprises in the field of the provision of administrative services to ensure full and effective implementation of authority in the field of commercial services, catering and domestic services, the introduction and implementation of effective policies for the organization of quality of public services by local governments and local executive authorities.
Tel.: 59-50-55, 59-50-67
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Department analyzes the state of urban planning, prepares and submits for approval by the City Council master plan for the city, appropriate local urban development programs, other planning documentation; considers and submits to the relevant authorities offers for plans and programs of construction and reconstruction in the city; contributes to the development of national and cultural traditions in architecture and urban planning; provides high quality of architectural planning, functional and design qualities of objects of urban planning to develop an integrated architecture of the urban environment; issues planning documentation to developers.
Tel.: 67-23-65, 67-21-55

Department of Economy and Investments
The main objective of the department is the implementation of powers of the city government in the field of socio-economic development of the city according to the Law of Ukraine “On Local Self-Government in Ukraine” and other regulations.
Tel.: 59-50-46

Department of Energy, Transport and Communications
The main objectives of the department are: the analysis of the current situation to ensure the city’s energy supply and predict its needs in energy; control and analysis of payments for energy use and taking steps to ensure complete payments for energy consumption; coordination and analysis of activity of transport and communication enterprises located in the city; development of proposals on the transport network of the city; adoption of routes passports and schedules of urban passenger transport; participation in the development of plans for the construction and reconstruction of roads and transport facilities.
Tel. 59-50-44

Department of Housing
Department of Housing is working to implement state policy on integrated development of housing and communal services in the city in the field of operation and maintenance of housing, works and services for public order, sanitation and cleaning of houses, local area, driveways, pedestrian walkways, zones of common use that have borders with the housing, landscaping and creation of public recreation zones, and other services in the residential sector.
Tel.: 59-50-45
Department of Information Technologies
Department ensures the development and implementation of information systems, computer equipment in the City Council and its Executive Committee; organizes proper operation and maintenance of information systems; organizes and provides timely repairs, upgrades, maintenance of facilities, systems of computer and office equipment in subdivisions of the City Council and the Executive Committee; provides timely assistance to departments of the City Council in matters of computer facilities, necessary materials, software and running of the local network; develops and implements plans for the development of information programs of the City Council.
Tel. 59-50-70
Department of Personnel Policy
The aim of the department is to provide effective human resource management in executive bodies of the City Council and the City Council subordinate municipal and public institutions as one of the components of the establishment and operation of an effective system of the city management.
Tel. 59-50-83
Department of Capital Construction
The main objective of the department is to provide the tasks of reconstruction and construction of houses, facilities for education, health, communications, transportation, commerce, catering, utilities, cultural and other purposes and the effective use of capital investments allocated for this purpose; to promote the implementation of advanced building design solutions, new building materials, structures and products.
Tel.: 67-03-69
Department of Communal Resources
The aim in the management of municipal property: real accounting of community property in the city; appropriation of community property; lease of objects of community property.
The aim in land relations: alienation of land of the municipal property; transfer of land ownership and use, withdrawal of land to businesses and individuals.
Tel.: (0432) 59-50-16
Department of Utilities and Municipal Improvement
The main objectives of the department are: delivering the state policy of integrated utilities and state programs in the city, ensuring compliance with the requirements of legal acts, development and implementation of local programs in the field of city improvement; development and implementation of effective and comprehensive measures for the city improvement; coordinating activities of subordinate enterprises and institutions.
Tel.: 59-50-59
Department of Culture
The department manages the activities of Vinnytsia cultural institutions, the organization of logistical and financial support; coordinates the activities of the city cultural institutions; creates conditions for the development of culture, contributes to the revival of traditional folk art, ethnic and cultural traditions, arts and crafts; contributes to the work of creative unions, national and cultural societies, associations and other public and non-profit organizations active in the field of culture; ensures protection and use of historical and cultural heritage. Organizes work on aesthetic education and training of children and youth in art education; provides cultural programs, organizes and conducts holidays, festivals, contests and more.
Tel.: 59-50-53, 59-51-75, 59-52-47
Department of Municipal Services
The main objectives of the Department: implementation of a state policy for comprehensive development and reform of housing and communal services, energy, transport and communications in the city; providing within their authority of compliance with the requirements of legal acts in the sphere of housing and communal services, energy, transport and communications; ensuring the implementation of state programs, development and implementation of local programs for reform of housing and communal services.
Tel. 59-50-12 
Department of Education
The main objectives of the department: implementation of the state policy in the field of education and training with regards to the socio-cultural environment of the city; creation of conditions for citizens to gain pre-school, complete general secondary and out-of-school education; monitoring of compliance with legislation in the field of education; educational guidance and inspection of schools, organization of financing and strengthening of their material base; coordination of schools activities; certification of general education, pre-school and out-of-school educational institutions.
Tel.: 59-50-62
Department of Healthcare
Department organizes the material and financial support in health care institutions, allocates funds and monitors their spending, organizes medical and preventive care, develops and implements measures for the protection of motherhood and childhood, works on staffing of healthcare institutions, develops and submits to the City Council proposals for construction, reconstruction and repair of health facilities, monitors the implementation of these works, studies public health, develops and takes steps to prevent disease and reduce morbidity.
Tel.: 59-50-14
Department of Legal Policy and Quality
The main objectives of the department are: implementation of state policies and the organization of legal work to proper use, strict adherence and prevent of non-compliance with laws and other regulations by Vinnytsia City Council, its executive bodies, their directors and officials; protecting of interests of local community, Vinnytsia City Council, Mayor and the Executive Committee in courts and other authorities when considering legal issues and disputes; ensuring of cooperation of the City Council, Mayor and the Executive Committee with the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine; the implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system and combating corruption threats, as required by European standards EN ISO 9001:2008, and by the current legislation of Ukraine; analytical and informational support for the City Council, Mayor and executive bodies.
Tel.: 59-50-42.
Department of Social Policy
The aim of the department is to provide rights of members of local community in the field of ​​social protection by monitoring the performance of legislation in the city; implementation of relevant state and local programs of social protection; provision of quality social services through a network of utilities, facilities and social service institutions.
Tel.: 50-43-50
Department of Governing Control
The department was created for the purpose of self-governing control over land use and protection, completeness of revenue to the city budget from the use of land and property located in the municipal ownership, compliance with the approved planning documentation at building areas and localization of outdoor advertising. In cooperation with the State Tax Service of Ukraine, department monitors the timeliness and completeness of charges and taxes that are transferred to the city budget.
Tel.: 59-50-84
Department of Media and Public Relations
The department provides interaction of Vinnytsia City Council and its Executive Committee with the media of all forms of ownership. Productivity and efficiency of cooperation with the media based on providing the information on decisions taken by the authorities, the events and activities taking place in the city in a timely manner and announce for media; helping fellow journalists quickly and easily receive comments of officials on topics of interest; organizing press conferences, press tours, briefings and other media events to inform the community about city news and events in city council etc.
Tel.:  (0432) 59-50-66, 59-51-85, 59-53-10
Department of Finance
The primary function of the department is to organize work on designing and implementing the municipal budget and the city’s budget in accordance with the Budget Code of Ukraine.
Tel.: 59-50-10, 59-52-07
Department of City Marketing and Tourism
The purpose of the Department is to ensure the effective development of the hospitality industry, to ensure the implementation of state policy in the field of tourism and resorts on the territory of the city of Vinnytsia, to improve the quality of tourist services and tourist infrastructure, to create a unique tourist offer, to form a brand of the city, to enhance the city's image and to create a competitive nationwide and international markets of tourism product, capable to satisfy the tourist needs of the inhabitants of the city and its guests as much as possible.
Tel.: 50-75-77; 50-75-76.
Department of Land Resources
Main tasks:
• Realization of local regulation in the field of land relations;
• Ensure compliance with land legislation;
• Participation in the creation of conditions for rational and economically grounded use of lands of Vinnytsia amalgamated territorial community
Tel.: 53-12-07.
Department of Architectural and Construction Control
The purpose of the department is the implementation of permitting and registration functions in the field of urban development activities.
To achieve its purpose, the department solves the following tasks:
Ensuring the implementation of state architectural and construction control in cases stipulated by the current legislation;
Implementation of the state architectural and construction control over compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of urban development activities, construction norms, state standards and regulations during the execution of preparatory works, as well as by the persons responsible for the implementation of copyright and / or technical supervision by customers, designers, contractors and expert organizations;
Enforcement of permit and registration functions in construction.
Tel.: 65-10-02.

Committee for Physical Culture and Sports
Committee: provides implementation of state policy in the sphere of physical culture and sports at the local level, contributes to the development of physical culture and sports, the Olympic and Paralympic movement in the city; provides sports classification standards, standards of physical culture and sports to recreation and sports organizations; organizes and conducts physical training and sports activities among the population, including measures for the physical education of children and youth.
Tel.: 59-52-92, 59-52-93, 59-52-70
Secretariat of the City Council
The main tasks of the secretariat are: ensuring the implementation of the working plan of the City Council; ensuring the quality of preparing and conducting of the sessions of the City Council; creating conditions for the proper exercise of powers of deputies in relation to the voters and their participation in the work of the standing committees; providing accounting, control and storage of documents and the attributes of the City Council deputies’ activities.
Service for Children Affairs
The main objectives of the service are: the implementation of state policy on social protection of children and the prevention of child neglect and homelessness, children committing offenses; development and implementation of measures to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the child; ensuring the observance of legislation on guardianship and custody of children, their adoption, placement in family-type homes, foster families; monitoring the conditions of detention and education of children in institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care, specialized agencies and institutions of social protection for children.
Tel.: 67-13-73, 61-16-82, 67-01-27, 67-14-24
Services Division
The aim of the division is the logistical support of the City Council and its executive committee staff, who are served by the division of accounting and reporting of the City Council and its Executive Committee, and maintenance of office buildings of the City Council in proper technical, fire protection, and sanitary condition.
Tel.: (0432) 59-51-67