Cooperation News: Cooperation Agreement Has Been Signed Between Vinnytsia and Kielce Technological Park
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Cooperation Agreement Has Been Signed Between Vinnytsia and Kielce Technological Park

Vinnytsia authorities continue to work on the creation of the Municipal Innovation and Technology Park in the city. It will be the first municipal enterprise in Ukraine that will become a partner to business and help develop it, whether it is a start-up company or an operating business.

In this process, Vinnytsia relies on the experience of Kielce Technological Park, which has been successfully operating for over 10 years. An international conference "Creating Conditions for Entrepreneurship Development - Perspectives and Challenges, 10 Years of Kielce Technological Park" was held on its territory on this symbolic anniversary. A delegation from Vinnytsia, headed by the Mayor Serhii Morhunov, participated in it. The Agreement on cooperation between Vinnytsia and Kielce Technological Park was signed within the framework of the conference.

"As Kielce Technological Park was the inspiration to create Vinnytsia Innovation and Technology Park, we hope for the further development of cooperation. We have already decided on the location of the park, and I am sure that the Memorandum of cooperation with Kielce Technological Park, which we have signed, will be the key to the successful implementation of this ambitious project," Mayor of Vinnytsia Serhii Morhunov said.

Getting acquainted with the work of Kielce Technological Park started in 2013 for Vinnytsia citizens. Then the work on preparation of the concept of creating a business incubator and technological park in Vinnytsia started.

Kielce Technological Park has supported Vinnytsia City Council in the complex preparation and development of the necessary documents for the construction of a business incubator and technological park. The idea was to create a specific roadmap that would allow the Ukrainian side to carry out its tasks effectively.

The concept of a technological park is to support business at all stages of its development - from an idea to business.


Kielce Technological Park was established in 2008 with EU support. Its area is divided into two areas of the economic activity: a technological incubator and technological center. The Technological Park offers 20 hectares of fully developed investment areas.