Cooperation News: Vinnytsia Continues Its Cooperation With Staszow County
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Vinnytsia Continues Its Cooperation With Staszow County

32881757_1865603933485370_4983294341293277184_n.jpgOn May 19, in the City Council, a solemn re-signing of the agreement on cooperation between the city of Vinnytsia and the Staszow County, which is in Poland, took place. The signatures on the documents were put by the Chairman of the City Council Pavlo Yablonskyi, Staszow Starost Michał Skotnicki and the Chairman of the Council of the Staszow County Damian Sierant. On the occasion of 15 years of cooperation, they exchanged souvenirs and memorable cups.Official cooperation between the city of Vinnytsia and Staszow County began in January 2003. The second agreement on the continuation of cooperation was signed in May 2006, during the visit of former Mayor of Vinnytsia Volodymyr Groisman to Staszow. Three months after that, plans of cooperation were agreed upon years to come. The next agreement on the continuation of cooperation was signed in Vinnytsia, in May 2014.

"I am glad to welcome you today in our city. Today there has been a significant event for our cities, we have re-signed an agreement on cooperation, friendship, and most importantly, that we have once again confirmed that Ukraine and Poland have much in common. We have 300 years of common history and what is more significant, that 100 years ago in Vinnytsia, a joint parade of the Ukrainian and Polish troops under the leadership of Simon Petliura and Józef Pilsudski was held on the main street of the city. Then Józef Pilsudski said: 'Without free Ukraine, there will be no free Poland.' I thank the Polish people for their support in the unpredictable situation that is today in Ukraine," said Pavlo Yablonskyi.

During the years of cooperation with the Staszow County, about 300 representatives of local self-government bodies from one side and the other, visited cities for the purpose of exchanging experience. Staszow County received 1,300 pupils and teachers from the schools of the city and the region, and the same number of students and teachers of schools in Staszow County visited Vinnytsia. As a result of cooperation in the field of youth exchange in Staszow schools, for over 5 years, 45 students from Vinnytsia and the region study there.

The implementation of business projects with Vinnytsia partners took place at the expense of the Polish Development Assistance Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. "We are very happy today that we signed our agreement. Representatives of the authorities, business and school directors came to Vinnytsia with me. Our cooperation began 15 years ago, and during this time, we exchanged experiences, several dozen children from Vinnytsia region are being taught at our schools. We are very glad that our cooperation brings together fraternal peoples," said Michał Skotnicki.

"We must continue our cooperation, because it is beneficial for all parties. The youth exchange between our cities continues today. This is the best investment in the future," added Damian Sierant.