Cooperation News: Educators from Polish City Kielce Arrived to Vinnytsia
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Educators from Polish City Kielce Arrived to Vinnytsia

A Polish delegation of representatives of the Department of Education and school principals from Kielce will be in Vinnytsia for four days. They will share experiences with Vinnytsia colleagues, visit partner schools and discuss future cooperation.


The sister cities of Vinnytsia and Kielce have been cooperating in various fields for some time now. A Declaration of Cooperation was signed with five educational institutions of two cities on the last December.

Since then, partner schools have collaborated with each other, exchanged experiences, organized study trainings for children and teachers, and organized joint projects. This year, city school leaders and teachers have twice traveled to Kielce to adopt practices.


In return, Polish colleagues have visited our city. They were shown learning experiences at partner schools and told about the education system. They met with Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych, too. She told Polish teachers about the city, as well as how extracurricular and formal education is developing in Vinnytsia.


“We are happy to welcome you in Vinnytsia and I would like to convey greetings to you from Mayor Serhii Morhunov. Some of you are for the first time in our city and you have already visited some schools. I would like to point out that the City Council pays a great attention to a thermo-modernization of educational establishments. Since most of them were built in the 1960s and 1970s, they need to be insulated in order to extend the term of an operational activity and save on heating. We pay a lot of attention to the development of sports infrastructure for schools and organize playgrounds and sports grounds near them. You will be able to see it all,” Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych admits.