Cooperation News: Polish Investors Will Build Waste Recycling Complex for Vinnytsia Amalgamated Territorial Community - a Memorandum on Cooperation Has Been Signed
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Polish Investors Will Build Waste Recycling Complex for Vinnytsia Amalgamated Territorial Community - a Memorandum on Cooperation Has Been Signed

IMG_9362.JPGOn April 9, Mayor Serhii Morhunov and a substantive coordinator of the project "Domat Consulting" Yaroslav Pasek signed a Memorandum in the municipality of Vinnytsia on the implementation of an investment project. This document consolidated the intentions of two sides to join efforts to build a modern European waste recycling complex.

More than 10 years ago, Vinnytsia local authorities decided to seek new process design solutions and investors for the construction of a modern waste recycling plant because a storage and primary sorting of wastes cannot solve the problem of reducing the negative impact on the environment.

"We all understand that the issues of domestic waste management are relevant in the modern world. The civilized world deals with garbage processing very seriously and in a responsible manner. It is known, by 2030 the European Union plans to ensure that no more than 10% of waste is stored on landfills. We must work to reduce the negative impact on the environment and maximize the secondary recycling of garbage. We have already taken certain steps. In 2007, we approached the renovation of the landfill near Stadnytsia quite seriously with the help of our partners from the sister city of Kielce. Being a Mayor, Volodymyr Groisman held negotiations with the president of Kielce Wojciech Lubawski. As a result, we got the technologies that allowed us to solve the problem quickly that was on Stadnytsia landfill. The next stage is the introduction of a separate waste collection, the purchase of a new equipment, and completely different logistic approaches to waste collection and trash pickup. Currently, we are already approaching a fundamentally new stage. It is a work on an investment project on construction of the waste recycling complex, a Mayor of Vinnytsia Serhii Morhunov said.


A representative of the investor, a substantive coordinator of the project "Domat Consulting" Yaroslav Pasek said that the project had been planned to be implemented in two or three years. The model of the separate waste collection in the city and the garbage recycling at the plant will be used the same one as in the Polish sister city of Kielce, with which Vinnytsia has more than a half-century history of friendly relations.

"We have been dealing with waste issues for 20 years. We were in the same situation in Kielce, as you have now, 7 years ago. To date, we can see our results. It is really a long and arduous process, not even from a technical point of view, but from the human perspective. Since the first task is waste sorting. I think that we need three years to have the desired results. The technology, which we are planning to procure, will help us achieve the goal, so that only 7-12% of the total amount of waste will be buried", Yaroslav Pasek said.

The modern waste recycling plant will be built on the territory of Ludovka village council outside the settlement, which was used by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Vinnytsia City Council received an official act on a land plot in 2010.

A pre-design documentation on the waste recycling complex is currently being prepared. The project itself will be presented to Vinnytsia community and village communities located near the land plot where the complex will be placed after passing all the expert evaluations provided by the legislation.

"It will be not only the processing of garbage, but also the organization of other processes that we have seen in Poland. Investments are of 15 to 20 million Euros. It will be a joint financing by the Polish side and Vinnytsia City Council. Vinnytsia should reach the European level of garbage recycling, which we see in Europe. Only inert materials should be buried that cannot be recycled. All the rest will be processed into recyclables for further use in other industries, as we have seen in Kielce. For example, it could be the production of briquettes for cement or brick-making plants," the Deputy of a Mayor Mykola Formaniuk said. Then Mykola Formaniuk noted that at least 50 jobs will be created at the plant.


The land plot for the construction of a waste recycling plant is unsuitable for farming, is not occupied with forests of the first category and is outside the influence of water intakes, surface waters, nature reserves, and resorts. It is located outside the boundary points and is not included in the general locality plan for the development of neighboring communities. The nearest residential construction is located outside the baseline sanitary protection zone taking into account a wind rose. All distances specified by DBN V.2.4-2-2005 are sustained.

In July 2017, works on the construction of a plant began. Currently, works to build infrastructure for the construction of a regional waste recycling complex are carried out.

About Domat Consulting:

Domat Consulting (Poland) is an innovative start-up project based on extensive experience in providing consulting services for waste management, environmental protection, construction and energy, and obtaining external financing for the SME sector and local governments.

Domat Consulting's main goal is to develop new or substantially improved innovative technical and technological solutions that combine rational waste management with energy conservation and environmental protection. Since 2017, Domat Consulting is a leaseholder of Kielce Technological Park.

Domat Consulting participated, in particular, in developing solutions for the waste management system in the Świętokrzysky region, the development of a special system for the production of alternative fuel for the cement industry commissioned by the Government of the Republic of Belarus to invest in regional waste management systems in Poland.