Cooperation News: The Europe Day Vinnytsia Celebrated Together with the Most Respected European Guests
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The Europe Day Vinnytsia Celebrated Together with the Most Respected European Guests

1.JPGTraditionally, delegations from EU countries come to Vinnytsia to celebrate Europe Day. This year, guests from the city of Kielce, Staszow County, the city of Lublin, the Lithuanian city of Panevezys, Macedonia, representatives of the Latvian, Romanian, Moldovan, Georgian embassies in Ukraine and representatives of Zurich Transport Company visited the city. In total, 13 foreign delegations came to Vinnytsia on the Europe Day.

For several years now, guests from different cities and countries have come to Vinnytsia to celebrate Europe Day. They, along with the Vinnytsia citizens, enjoy living sculptures, 3D drawings, listen to European music and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of our city – European Vinnytsia.

2.pngThis year, the Ambassador of Macedonia to Ukraine Stole Zmeikoski and Mayor of Macedonia city Vinica Ivica Dimitrov arrived. Ivica Dimitrov shared his impressions.  "Vinnytsia is our sister city, but I came here for the first time and I really like it here. You have an atmosphere of joy, a very beautiful European holiday. You have beautiful young people and friendly people. During our stay in Vinnytsia, I can say that the city is very developed and has a good infrastructure. It was amazing that you have friendly people. With regard to European integration, we are not the first year in Europe and we really like it there. We are glad that Ukraine step by step goes to Europe," said Ivica Dimitrov.

3.jpgFor the first time, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine Gela Dumbadze has arrived in Vinnytsia. "I really love and respect the Ukrainian people. I always say that it is difficult to find a people who are so similar in their state of mind to Georgian. You also love freedom, hospitality. You have a great youth, and I believe in your bright future. I like the holiday of Europe Day and the very idea of European integration. For our country, accession to the EU has made many positive changes. Firstly, for our youth, the borders were opened and they went to other countries to see how they live and work there in order to implement successful practices in our country. I believe in the bright future of Ukraine and I am proud of your country," says Gela Dumbadze.

Vinnytsia and the Polish city of Kielce have a friendly relationship. Therefore, traditionally for a holiday in Vinnytsia, delegations come from this sister city. This year, the Deputy President of the city of Kielce Czeslav Gruszewski celebrated the Europe Day together with the Vinnytsia people. "I am for the first time in Vinnytsia and in Ukraine in general. However, we have been working closely together for many years, and in the last 15 years, our cooperation has only intensified. Due to the fact that you have the Consulate General of Poland, we have become even closer. Vinnytsia and Kielce have much in common, we have very similar languages," said Czeslav Gruszewski.