News: New Trams and Urban Space Reconstructions: Vinnytsia Mayor’s Report on 2016 and Plans for 2017
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New Trams and Urban Space Reconstructions: Vinnytsia Mayor’s Report on 2016 and Plans for 2017

Traditionally, during the last City Council session in the year, Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov reported to deputies and city community on the results of 2016 and announced the priorities for the city government for the next year as part of the Strategy “Vinnytsia-2020.” Among other tasks, in 2017, Vinnytsia plans reconstructions of the third stage of Kosmonavtiv Avenue and the main entrance to the Central Park, final works on reconstruction of Mohylka Square, commissioning of the first stage of another municipal building and launching three more Vinnytsia own trams “VinWay.”


Summing up the year, the Mayor noted that it was not easy, but at the same time successful for Vinnytsia: “It was efficient due to financial decentralization. Year by year we all experience more vividly the results of decentralization and local government reform, which the Government and the President of Ukraine hold consistently. This year, we have implemented a lot of projects related to infrastructure development, support and development of education, healthcare, spatial development and energy saving issues.”

Within the first priority of the Strategy, which is “Strong community,” this year in Vinnytsia the Budget of community initiatives was introduced. This is the new mechanism of cooperation between the authorities and the community, which allows Vinnytsia residents to participate directly in the development of their city. To implement winning projects of Budget of community initiatives in 2016, the City budget allocated 5.5 million UAH. In addition, recently held competition among projects to be implemented next year was provided with financing of 6.5 million UAH.


The city continues to work to support the ATO participants and their families. In late May, the Aid Center for the ATO participants and their families was opened, which concentrated the whole spectrum of services required for the military. This year, the city in collaboration with neighboring communities has allocated 257 plots of land (of which 129 to the residents of Vinnytsia) for ATO participants, families of those killed and welfare beneficiaries. And since next year, the life and health of all Vinnytsia soldiers who are serving in the ATO area will be insurable at the expense of the city budget. This mechanism will allow paying for treatment up to 50 thousand UAH in case of severe injuries and will make the process quicker.

The range of services provided in Vinnytsia transparent offices is also expanding. In particular, in 2016 was introduced the registration of vehicles and issuance of driving licenses and civil status acts, and mobile administrators services. In 2017, administrative services centers plan to introduce registration and issuance of passport of citizen of Ukraine in the form of ID-card and passports for traveling abroad.

Within the first priority of the city development strategy for the next year also scheduled the opening of the Center for support of civil society and the implementing of the first phase of the project Municipal card for Vinnytsia citizen,” which is electronic ticket.

The work continues on attracting investment into the city economy. At the expense of investors, work completed on construction of utilities and transport communications and social infrastructure in the amount of 37.8 million UAH. In addition, during the year, 124.6 million UAH of grant funds were attracted in socio-economic development of the city. Volume of production of Vinnytsia enterprises in 2016 is expected to amount to over 18 billion UAH. In 2016, the construction started of the first stage of the company UBC GROUP plant to produce refrigeration equipment, which in 2017 will provide five hundred new jobs for Vinnytsia residents. In 2016, Vinnytsia Industrial Park was registered in the public register of industrial parks of Ukraine, and in 2017 there will be a competition for the selection of the management company for the industrial park.


Implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency is among the city priorities. In 2016, by the Swiss project Vinnytsia launched the biggest solid fuel boiler in Ukraine (neighborhood of Bazhenova Street), and implemented the first phase of modernization of the heating and hot water system for the neighborhood of Zulinskoho and Kyivska streets. They developed 68 individual heating units and replaced 8.8 km of heating systems. The project will continue next year, the reconstruction of gas boilers and start of solid fuel boiler construction are planned. For energy saving of street lighting, for a year installed 987 LED fixtures, for the next year 1.5 thousand more are planned.

For landscaping Vinnytsia this year also made a great range of activities: roads on 19 streets are constructed and capitally repaired, storm sewers on 10 streets are built, sidewalks along 23 streets are paved, 5 intersections are comprehensively refurbished, 10 new parking areas for 273 parking spaces are created, 11.5 km of bicycle paths are equipped. The program of co-financing with the private sector residents allowed completing paving of 34 streets, alleys and driveways, constructing 6.9 km of sewerage and water supply. In 2017, at the expense of the budget the Kyivsky Bridge will be reconstructed, storm sewers on another 5 streets will be built and it is planned to continue work on reconstruction and capital repairs of roads, sidewalks and intersections, and to equip 20.5 km of bicycle paths. In addition, today the integrated circuits of improvement on 10 streets has been developed.  

By the end of the year, in Vinnytsia it is expected commissioning of 160 thousand m2 of new housing from all sources of financing. Among other things, three municipal buildings on Chekhova Street were put into operation last year, and construction of a new facility began on Zaporozhtsa Street, the first starting complex is planned to be completed by the end of 2017. 

Among large-scale projects last year was the second stage of the reconstruction of Kosmonavtiv Avenue and the reconstruction of Mohylka Square. The first Ukrainian Museum of Post Stamp named after Yakiv Balaban was opened. In 2017, with the support of the State Fund for Regional Development it is scheduled to reconstruct the third stage of Kosmonavtiv Avenue and finish the square area where the plane is located. In addition, there will be reconstruction of the main entrance to Central Park (near the arch).

Modernization and upgrade of the city transport continue. Last year, the program of overhaul and reconditioning of trolley fleet has been completed (during 2012-2016 total of 120 trolleybuses), three VinWay trams were modernized with the construction of the low-floor element. There are four buses purchased for the municipal bus fleet. For the safety of traffic on one of the main hubs of the city on Haharyna Square, its full renovation was completed, and for the convenience of passengers 19 new public transport stops of a new type were equipped (using tactile tiles for the visually impaired). The same technology as Haharyna Square this year is planned to use on reconstruction of two sections of tram tracks on Soborna Street (with the support of the State Fund for Regional Development). Vinnytsia Transportation Company will commence a program of capital refurbishment of buses and is planning to buy two new buses additionally. Modernization of trams continues, the line will take three more low-floor VinWays.

As for the social sphere, in the beginning of last year a new kindergarten for 10 groups on Poryka Street was opened, now the reconstruction of buildings of kindergarten №73 for 5 groups has been completed. Besides, other kindergartens opened two additional groups. This year, Vinnytsia will open two new kindergartens on Shymka Street and Pokryshkina Street.

Several schools in the city provided with heat insulation the facades of their buildings last year. Thus, schools 16 and 34 insulated facades, schools 12, 20, 35 provided roof reconstruction with insulation. This year, there will be a thermal modernization in schools 20 and 35, and reconstruction of insulation of roofs in schools 16 and 33. In addition, last year at the expense of investors construction started of school in the district Podillia, and the construction is expected continue with the support of the State Fund for Regional Development.

In addition, this year it is planned to reconstruct the building on 94 Keletska Street in a gym co-financed with Vinnytsia Regional Boxing Federation and to begin construction of a football field near the Palace of Children and Youth (supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports).

Last year, Vinnytsia has got another family medical clinic on Danyla Nechaia Street. Eight secondary schools started the implementation of electronic patient cards. Also we received the endorsement of the state examination of the project to build a regional center of cardiovascular disease in the city. In 2017, it is planned to open the department of anesthesiology and intensive care in the city clinical hospital №1 and another family medicine clinic on Striletska Street.


At the end of the report Serhii Morhunov said that according to the results of the second nationwide municipal poll, which was conducted by Sociological Group “Rating” commissioned by the International Republican Institute, Vinnytsia in 2016 again topped the ranking of regional centers of Ukraine on the satisfaction of the residents by the quality of services and the interaction with local authorities.

The Mayor said: “This is the result of joint teamwork of the territorial community, members of the City Council and Executive Committee. And if it were not for this collaboration, mutual support, team approach, we probably would not have such results. We do it together with you not for some ratings, but for our city to be really comfortable. It is clear that much more to be done, and we are working on it. For this we have a strategy for the city development “Vinnytsia-2020,” and now the work has begun on the development strategy until 2030. I think that our common task in 2017 is to continue the development of Vinnytsia.”