News: Wi-Fi in trams given to Vinnytsia from Zurich surprised Swiss guests
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Wi-Fi in trams given to Vinnytsia from Zurich surprised Swiss guests

On April 20, the Swiss delegation came to Vinnytsia including representatives of the Advisory Committee for International Cooperation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. In Vinnytsia, guests acquainted with the results of joint work – construction of the boiler on Bazhenova street as a part of the joint energy efficiency project being implemented in the city from 2011, and work of Zurich trams that Switzerland had given to Vinnytsia.

The Swiss delegation arrived to Ukraine for a week. Considering that with the support of the Swiss Confederation Vinnytsia for several years has been implementing a major project to modernize the heating system, Swiss came to the city to see the results of the project. In particular, they visited the boiler, which provide heat and hot water Bazhenova neighborhood.

This is not the only project that Vinnytsia implements towards energy efficiency. Last year, Vinnytsia became the first city in the post-Soviet territory that received European Energy Award due to the implementation of the Action Plan on sustainable energy development. Therefore, Vinnytsia today is the leader among Ukrainian cities in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving. Swiss wondered what other similar projects were being implemented in the city.

The Chairman of the Advisory Committee for International Cooperation Felix Gutzwiller said that their committee advises the highest executive bodies of the Swiss Confederation and consists of representatives from four different directions: parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations active in the field of development, representatives of scientific and business circles. “Now our Parliament in the process of discussing next four years of international cooperation. The point is not only money, but also areas in which we develop. This week’s visit gives us the opportunity to see the results of our cooperation, and on this basis to form our proposal to a Parliament, which will take the final decision. Therefore, our program covers all areas of our work towards cooperation. In Kyiv, we talked about cooperation at the national level, our communication with you concerns decentralization and cooperation at regional and municipal levels.”

Swiss guests were presented a presentation on energy efficiency measures implemented in Vinnytsia during the last three years and plans in this area by 2020.

In addition, foreign visitors have seen the work of Vinnytsia electric public transport. After all, as a gift from Switzerland within the project “Zurich tram,” Vinnytsia received 116 tram cars, which today is a major public transport. “I am myself from Zurich, so I was very pleased at the Zurich tram ride in your city. I posted photos on social networks, under which mentioned that there is Wi-Fi in Vinnytsia trams, and this immediately got ten comments: ‘We want the same Wi-Fi in Zurich trams!’ shared Felix Gutzwiller.​