News: Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine invited Vinnytsia entrepreneurs to participate in the Canadian-Ukrainian economic forum
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Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine invited Vinnytsia entrepreneurs to participate in the Canadian-Ukrainian economic forum

On April 19, Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk came to Vinnytsia. He met with the Chairman of the City Council Pavlo Yablonskyi and visited the Transparent Office. Ambassador wondered how feasible for Vinnytsia is decentralization, what possibility of attracting investment has the city and in what fundamental areas Vinnytsia will develop in the coming years.

Vinnytsia is one of the partner cities selected for the implementation of Canadian project PLEDDG, implemented by the initiative and support of Canada. That is why this city was one of those that the Ambassador of Canada wanted to visit. In addition, Roman Vashchuk, who came to Vinnytsia for the first time, said that he was very interested to see the city, where people are happy with their lives. “Vinnytsia is known in Ukraine for its good government, and the International Republican Institute survey we funded confirmed the fact that Vinnytsia citizens are the happiest city residents in the country,” said Roman Vashchuk. “I wanted to see how it is, that in a country where everyone is very fond of complaining, there are people who do not complain and even somewhat satisfied. This is very positive. In addition, I am also open to new experiences and ideas. I support the idea that if you go somewhere, it always has points of contact, which previously were unknown, and from that, you can do something useful”.

Also during the meeting with the Chairman of the City Council, Ambassador wondered how feasible is decentralization for Vinnytsia. Pavlo Yablonskyi said that after the state took the direction of decentralization, Vinnytsia nowadays already has some progress. This is especially true in fiscal decentralization, thanks to that the city budget was increased by more than 300 million UAH, and the further increase in office is also expected.

Ambassador also said that at the moment the exchange of goods between Canada and Ukraine is very modest. “Last year, we prepared an agreement on free trade, and we hope that by the middle of this year, we will be able to sign it officially and then ratify, so that over the next year it come to power. On June 20-21 in Toronto the Canadian-Ukrainian economic forum will be held, and we invite Vinnytsia companies that can show anything or would like to see what are the opportunities here,” said Roman Vashchuk.

Today, Canada is engaged in supporting the new patrol police. Ambassador said that since May they will run Canadian support involving Canadian police officers who will teach our policemen how to act in crisis situations.

Roman Vashchuk also interested in areas of the city development, particularly investors support. Pavlo Yablonskyi said that the city created a favorable investment climate, and Vinnytsia is very interested in attracting new investors. Today, the city is in the process of creation Technology Park, and the authorities are ready to accompany investors at all stages, because job creation is a priority for Vinnytsia economic development. However, the city is interested in industrial development that will not pollute the air.

PLEDDG Regional Coordinator Oksana Bondar noted Vinnytsia program Budget for Public Initiatives and said that it is a really good example of community involvement in the city development.

Pavlo Yablonskyi pointed out that Vinnytsia has no Canadian twin city, so the city is interested to work in this direction and get a good partner.