Municipal Enterprises

Vinnytsia City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth

Vinnytsia City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth is a special institution that provides the organization and conduct social work with socially vulnerable categories of families, children and youth who are in crisis and need assistance, at the relevant territorial community.
Address: Soborna St., 59, office 711
Tel.: +38(0432) 35-60-64, 35-35-64;

Vinnytsia Information Centre

Activities in wired telecommunications, engineering, geology and geodesy, services of technical consulting in these areas; construction of facilities for electricity and telecommunications; computer programming; laying fiber-optic communication lines; installation of CCTV, etc.
Address: Soborna St., 64, 4th floor, office 18
Tel.: 59-53-77


Service and maintenance of public lighting network; electrical repairs, renovation and installation of street lighting network; lease of special vehicles; development and provision of technical specifications for the installation of outdoor lighting in building areas.
Address: R. Skaletskogo St., 17
Tel.: 55-07-74, 55-07-74, 35-57-45

Road Management Office

The company carries out work on the maintenance of city roads; washing and watering areas, waste disposal; transportation of large structures; covering with paving slabs; manual and mechanized streets cleaning, etc.
Address: G. Uspenskogo St., 6
Tel.: 27-63-50, 27-37-10, 27-35-81


Collection, removal and disposal of waste, cleaning of facilities, elimination of fly-tippings (sanitary cleaning of the city), bins sale.
​Address: вул. Сабарівська, 7 м. Вінниця, 21037
Tel.: 67-46-01, 57-88-55, 50-23-10

Combine of Municipal Enterprises

Organizing of burials and providing of related services; activities to meet the physical comfort; rescue on water; retail sale of other unused goods in specialized stores.
Address: A. Medvid St., 2
Tel.: 35-57-39


​Repair and construction work on the greenery; maintenance of green areas in the city; growing of seedlings; acquisition, construction, installation and operation of a variety of attractions; forestry and related services; activity in culture and sport, providing cultural services; landscape works, landscaping and cleaning of areas, etc.
Address: Maksymovycha St., 24
Tel.: (0432) 61-15-72

TV-Channel “Vita”

Address: Edelshteina St., 8
Tel.: (0432) 553 070

Newspaper “Vinnytska Gazeta”

Address: Kozytskogo St., 15
Tel.: 35-33-20

Architectural and Construction Service

A complex of work to manage previously established temporary garages and new facilities for commercial purposes in the city; audit of garage cooperatives and associations of garage or parking lots owners; storage of accounted temporarily established structures, buildings, facilities that have no owner or owners of which are unknown, to the recognition of ownership of the territorial community for ownerless property.
Address: Pushkina St., 11
Tel.: (432) 65-99-77

Radio Company “Misto Nad Bugom”

Wire broadcasting station, which has a 16-year experience of informing citizens about events taking place in Vinnytsia region, about the work of the City Council in particular.
Address: PO Box 8091
Tel.: (432) 35-55-80

Institute of Urban Development

Institute is created by Vinnytsia City Council to develop and support sharing of good practice between different cities in Ukraine and abroad. Through a comprehensive analysis of the existing problems of urban development, the use of conceptual principles of sustainable urban development and new achievements, the Institute has been developing practical proposals aimed at improving the management of the development of the urban economy, improving the investment climate and improving the quality of life for residents.
Address: Soborna St., 59, office 201, 202
Tel.: (0432) 595360, 595358

Vinnytsia Municipal Centre for Urban Planning and Architecture

The main goal of the enterprise is to perform tasks of the City Council to provide services in urban planning and architecture to enterprises, organizations, institutions and other legal entities and individuals on a contract basis.
Address: Pushkina St., 38​
Tel.: 35-57-01, 35-01-52

Association of Bodies of Self-Organization of Population

The Association is a voluntary non-governmental, non-profit organization that was created to protect interests of citizens, increase interaction and cooperation between them.
Tel.: 59-51-84

Medical Dental Centre

Activities aimed at outpatient dental care for adults in Vinnytsia and preventive measures to prevent and reduce dental diseases.
Address: Keletska St., 68
Tel.: 51-32-79

City Medical and Diagnostic Centre

The main activity is to provide specialized advisory assistance to patients using modern equipment and medical technologies.
Address: Kyivska St., 68
Tel.: (0432) 66-55-77; 60-32-91; 53-69-94; (094) 905-02-91

Administrative and Technical Centre

Providing services to businesses, individuals in the organization and maintenance of landscaping; implementing measures to ensure compliance with landscaping rules by legal and natural persons in Vinnytsia.
Address: Soborna St., 59, office 513
Tel.: 59-52-43​

Municipal Police

Municipal police has been established to monitor the state of improvement in Vinnytsia, to ensure cleanliness and order, organize landscaping, preserve public green spaces, water and land resources of the city, control of resting places for citizens, oversee the maintenance in good condition territories assigned to companies, institutions and organizations, monitor the observance of silence in public places.
Tel.: 50-89-91

Vinnytsia City Bureau of Technical Inventory


Production and sale of food; procurement of agricultural products for public catering; organization of cafeterias, snack bars and kitchens in general secondary and higher educational institutions, enterprises and organizations of different ownership.
Address: Ostrovskogo St., 33


Production and sale of food; procurement of agricultural products for public catering; organization of cafeterias, snack bars and kitchens in general secondary and higher educational institutions, enterprises and organizations of different ownership.
Address: Matrosa Koshki St., 30

​Vinnytsia City Pharmacy

Address: Ostrovskogo St.,62
Tel.: 55-40-78

Housing Offices

Utility services in Vinnytsia provide:
12 companies for maintenance of services for buildings structures and adjacent areas;
1 company providing services for maintenance of water supply and sanitation;
3 companies for maintenance of centralized heating and hot water;
3 companies for maintenance of elevators.

Emergency Dispatch Service

Services for emergency response; installation and maintenance of engineering systems in houses; flushing of the heating in residential buildings; removal and pruning of trees; transportation; construction and repair works of any complexity, etc.
Address: Stakhurskogo St., 17
Tel.: 46-66-40, 50-83-62
E-mail: ​​


Performing of installation and adjustment, repair and maintenance of elevators, lifts and dispatching systems for industrial and residential construction, etc.
Address: Chornovola St., 14
Tel.: 57-74-20, 67-54-40​

Vinnytsia Transport Company