​Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development.jpg Strong Local Self-government. Strong Ukraine

Ukraine has long traditions of central planning and strong regulation of local or municipal issues by the national government. With its present government being committed to new policies of decentralization and communal self-government this tradition is being reversed, and reforms are being introduced, following the requirements set out in the European Charter for local self-government.

The needed reforms will cast huge challenges on both, the national government, and the local communities. Municipalities and other communal entities will receive own financing resources and will have to deliver public services which have so far been provided by national authorities. In addition to the administrative reform, the government intends to form territorial entities that are capable of mastering these challenges through amalgamation. Switzerland will support such amalgamations in accordance with the Action Plan 2015-17 of the Council of Europe for Ukraine.

In the autumn of 2015, during the government negotiations Ukrainian and German governments have determined to support this reform by implementing various projects and initiatives, having defined priority of bilateral cooperation and development. Cooperation of governments of Germany and Switzerland launched with the project "Integrated Urban Development in Ukraine". The main goal is to promote and strengthen the capacity of the main branches in the cities in planning and implementation of integrated strategies for urban development and at the same time, distribution of investments in accordance with the priorities, defined through planning.

Link to project's page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insek.ua/?fref=ts


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